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The sea is the land’s edge also, the granite into which it reaches…..

the pools where it offers to our curiosity the more delicate algae.

T.S Eliot.

Rock pool Striped Rock 3ft x 3ft (oil pa

'Rockpool Striped Rock' 

Oil on Canvas 91.5cm x 91.5 cm

This solid looking striped rock dominated the surrounding pool. I was interested in the viewpoint, looking down into the space, and outward to the horizon.


Sometime, weeks later, I went back. All of the top striped portion was gone, snapped off by the force of the sea.

Rock pool Spaces 4ft x 3ft (oil painting

'Rockpool Space'

Oil on Canvas 122cm x 91.5cm

The rockpools exposed at low tides provide glimpses of exciting worlds. I enjoy the wonder of exploring, and finding strange offerings left by the tide. I make pastel studies on the spot. Then I translate the wonder into painting.


Not fully explained, ‘something’ is lying in that space. It may well be gone in the next high tide.

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