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Bailesear Woman

I walked along this very familiar beach some years ago. It was a dull, misty afternoon. I became aware of a row of figures standing on the shingle. However, when I reached them, I found they had been constructed from beach combed material. A netting skirt, buoys for heads, sometimes seaweed hair. They were definitely women.


I returned on a clearer day and took photographs. I never knew who made them, then weeks later they were gone. I made drawings and then prints from photos and the memory of them, standing, watching.

Baleshare Woman 2 - 21cmx15cm - Collagra

'Bailesear Woman 1'

Collagraph print 21cm x 15cm

Baleshare Woman 1 - 21cmx15cm - Collagra

'Bailesear Woman 2'

Collagraph print 21cm x 15cm

The Maddies

'Na Maddaidhean' (Scottish Gaelic) the wolves/hounds are rocky outcrops in the bay, after which the village Lochmaddy is named. Close up they display extraordinary evidence of their origins, igneous, as part of an intrusive dyke. I made a number of monoprints.

The Maddies 2 - 21cmx15cm -
The Maddies 3 - 21cmx15cm -

'Maddies 1'  Monoprints 21cm x 15cm

'Maddies 3'  Monoprints 21cm x 15cm

The Maddies 4 - 21cmx15cm -

'Maddies 2'  Monoprints 21cm x 15cm

The Maddies 1 - 21cmx15cm -

'Maddies 4'  Monoprints 21cm x 15cm


Eaval, the name translates as ‘island hill’ dominates the flat peat moors surrounding it. It rises like a solid wave, and surrounded by the sea and myriads of loch it lives up to its ‘island’ name.

Eaval 3 - 42cmx30cm - ink drawing.jpeg

'Eaval 2' Drawing 42cm x 30cm

Eaval 2 - 42cmx30cm - ink drawing.jpeg
Eaval 1 - 42cmx30cm - ink drawing.jpeg

'Eaval 1' Drawing 42cm x 30cm

Eaval 4 - 42cmx30cm - pen drawing.jpeg

'Eaval 3' Drawing 42cm x 30cm

'Eaval 4' Drawing 42cm x 30cm

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