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Hebridean Spaces

'With my senses,as with birds I climb into the windy heaven….in ponds broken off from the sky.'

Rainer Maria Rilke

These two large canvases were made in response to a walk in an early morning light. There was an exceptionally low tide exposing a north facing strand of sand. Land and sea were cool and merged in the silvery light. Through the sky above a single line of geese flew. I was delighted and anxious to retain the moment, I made some small studies.


When I speak of painting’ birds’ in space, it is their fleeting dark line that constructs the space. They might be in clouds, but I think of them as in 'ponds broken off from the sky'. I relish that interrupted space made visible by birds.

Birds Through Space 1 4ft x 3ft (Oil pai

'Birds Through Space 1' 

Oil on Canvas 122cm x 91.5cm

Birds Through Space 2 4ft x 3ft (Oil Pai

'Birds Through Space 2' 

Oil on Canvas 122cm x 91.5cm

light on water 2ft x 2ft (oil).jpeg

'Light on Water'

Oil on Canvas 70cm x 70cm

North Uist has a wealth of lochs.

I am surprised by sudden glittering moments.

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